The backbone of any modern business is the core IT infrastructure upon which it is built.

We adopt the methodology of helping you to determine a long term infrastructure development roadmap, from which we can plan for the success of your IT future.

Utilising our knowledge of industry standard and emerging technologies, we can provide the correct building blocks for you to use in order to scale your IT organisation in an efficient and cost effective manner. We can plan for business continuity and disaster recovery, so that all necessary risks are mitigated and your core business can operate with IT as an advocate, rather than an obstacle.


From Tier-1 industry standard servers for the virtualised datacentre, to low-cost commodity nodes utilised in modern hyperconverged cloud datacentre creation, we can offer counsel. The design, sizing and deployment planning processes are all part of our daily business, and we are happy to share our experience.


Data is one of the key assets of a modern business. Through our strong relationships with all key vendors, we can help you through the full data lifecycle management planning process. This will make sure your data is always available when necessary, and that it is appropriately protected from risk.


In managing your IT infrastructure, connectivity is directly related to productivity. Planning for appropriate data throughput and network availability is core to the process of designing networks. We can help guide you to network hardware and supporting management and monitoring technologies, so that this connectivity is assured.

The efficient integration of all of these core infrastructure technologies is the foundation of making sure that your organisation is moving in the right direction, and Galtec can help assure that you make that happen.

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