After what seems an endless period of demystification and commercial analysis, Cloud Computing is here to stay. .

The vast majority of organisations are now in the process of adopting some form of cloud services, after realising the flexibility and agility that both public and private cloud can provide.

A different way of assessing the value proposition, moving from capital to operational expenditure models in combination with changing processes to maximize product return on investment, has changed the way that businesses value the cloud.

Often, a combination of private, hybrid, and public cloud products are deployed as one solution, and Galtec would be delighted to offer advice upon which of these products are suitable for your organisation.

Public Cloud

Broad appeal public cloud services like Microsoft 365 have proliferated through the wider IT community due to their ease of deployment and management, which brings reduced TCO along with it. The increased agility and uniformity of scaling, and the increased user mobility potential has meant that less and less organisations are maintaining on-premise email and productivity technology suites.

Hybrid Cloud

The integration of public cloud services such as business continuity and backup into your virtualised private cloud is another area where positive moves are being made. The value of the hybrid cloud is the fluidity in which services can be seamlessly passed from on-premise technology to a cloud shared service, and Galtec are specialists in this type of hybrid cloud creation.

Cloud Security

Industry standard cloud security services are now commonplace in the delivery of email filtering and antivirus defence services, among other key security mechanisms. Leverage the centralised zero-day threat definitions and supercompute resources that can be deployed in the shielding of your IT organisation, addressing threats before they even reach your perimeter.

Galtec are established supply and deployment partners with key vendors of all of the above services, and would love to talk to you further about your correct position in the cloud

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