Lean on Galtec Technical Services configuration team for your rollout strategy.

Mass deployment and end point rollouts take time. How do you respond quickly to changing business requirements without sapping the time you need to manage your network? Our dedicated team are never sick, always available and ready to deploy your requirements whenever you need them.

We have developed the facilities you need to create and deploy images on masse to your new device fleet. Our Turn Key build processes are managed by accredited Prince2 Practitioner Project Managers to ensure you are always in control of your rollout.

Below are just some of the services that Galtec will undertake on your behalf, so that you can streamline deployment operations.

Image Build

The Galtec Build Site offers multi-tenanted servers and storage to house your builds securely. Our team of specialists work alongside your IT team to build your image and test the process end to end.

Whether your process requires domain joined deployment or standalone builds, we have the tools to support you.

Asset Tagging

The build team manage asset tagging of your devices from end to end, in any format you require. Need Galtec to update your centralised asset portal? No problem.

Our systems tie in to most asset management platforms, streamlining the entire process.

Image Deployment

Our site has a dedicated build area, capable of deploying large quantities of devices at a time. Each build is subject to Quality tests by a second engineer with a pre-agreed checklist to guarantee your builds are to standard upon delivery.

We weed out any DOA items and manage any replacements, guaranteeing your devices are fit for use from day one.

Dedicated Deployment Team

When the business demands new devices, you need to know that your builds will be ready when you need them, where you need them.

Our dedicated deployment teams are always available, and we’ll manage your deadlines with the fastest response times.

Comprehensive Documentation

Every imaged device that is DOA tested, deployed, image tested, asset tagged and stored is tracked at every stage, to Prince2 accreditation standards.

Our scheduled reports provide you with the progress insight you need to manage your business accordingly.

Storage and Logistics

Our warehouse storage allows us to receive large consignments of end points and start the image processes right away. Eradicate the risk of delivery slippage by leveraging our secure storage areas.

The logistics team at Galtec manage your deliveries end to end, ensuring that they arrive on time, on location, first time.

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